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Around The Library • July 2022

Around The Library • July 2022

| 27th & Rose
From a new planner, a new journal, and an upcoming affirmation party, June and July are months to remember because Kahdija has worked hard to expand our library of self care resources.
July was a month of expansion as we added a few new products, or shall we say self-care resources, to our shelves! Keep reading too find out what they are...

. . .

1.  I Prioritize Myself Monthly Planner

Sometimes, it's hard to stay on top of your priorities each month. This is why Kahdija created the I Prioritize Myself Monthly Planner. It allows you to set goals and check them off as you progress through the month! 

Click here to pre-order your new planner. 

I Prioritize Myself Monthly Planner at 27th & Rose



2. The Desires of My Heart Journal

This journal is meant to be the safe space you need when you simply want to express what you wish you had now and are believing will come your way soon. the affirmation featured on the cover is sprinkled throughout the journal to ensure random heartwarming inspiration as you as your continue your jounaling practice.

Click here to pre-order your journal.

The Desires Of My Heart Journal at 27th & Rose


3. The Affirmation Upgrade

Our next affirmation party is on the books for September 3rd, 2022 at 9AM EST. Are you looking to write impactful affirmations for yourself at anytime?! You need to attend our next party.

Click here to purchase your ticket now!

The Affirmation Upgrade, an affirmation party hosted by Kahdija Imari at 27th & Rose



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