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Custom Affirmation By Kahdija Imari

Request A Custom Affirmation From Kahdija Imari

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One purchase quantity equals one custom affirmation.

Tired of generic, cookie-cutter affirmations that kind of make you feel like meh or blah? Well, now you can request a custom affirmation from Kahdija Imari!

You'll get all the questions Kahdija would ask if you scheduled a 15-minute call, minus the hassle of conflicting schedules and time restrictions.

And before you know it, you’ll have a custom affirmation that makes your heart skip a beat as you gasp for air and yearn for more!

We’re thinking less meh and more Mmmmm!

Here's How It Works:

  • Add this product to cart, then complete purchase (1 qty = 1 affirmation)
  • Check your email for a digital workbook
  • Save the workbook to your phone or desktop with your name added
  • Fill out the workbook as best you can
  • Email Kahdija your completed workbook
  • If needed, provide feedback or more details
  • Keep an eye on your inbox, the affirmation will be delivered within 5-business days!

Here's Who It's For:

  • Someone wanting an affirmation tailored to them and their specific situation
  • Someone wanting to reframe their mindset about their current situation
  • Someone wanting to feel more encouraged and empowered to go out and live the life they truly desire to live

Here's What's Inside The Workbook:

  • A note from Kahdija
  • Instructions on how to use the workbook
  • A personal pledge
  • The affirmation checklist
  • 2 worksheets pages to journal your thoughts while moving through the checklist

NOTE: You must complete worksheets A & B before emailing your workbook to Kahdija Imari. All custom affirmation requests must be emailed within 14 calendar days of purchase. All custom affirmations will be fulfilled within 5 business days of receiving your completed workbook. If your workbook is incomplete or Kahdija needs more information, Kahdija will reply to your email to ask for clarification (this will help her write the most impactful affirmation she can write for you).

Self Care Benefits:

  • Initiates self-exploration
  • Initiates self-acceptance
  • Deepens your self-love journey
  • Enhances your self-care routine

"My hope is that the affirmation feels greatly impactful to you and helps you feel more encouraged; ultimately motivated to continue moving forward in becoming the person you desire to be or building the dream you desire to see" -Kahdija Imari

Here's Why To Order:

Hi, my name is Kahdija Imari and I'm a writer. I write affirmations on courage, confidence, and self-love because I have first-hand experience with just how powerful and impactful self-talk really is. I've been sharing affirmations and encouraging words on social media since January 2020. View my work by visiting my Fanbase or Instagram profiles.

I'm passionate about helping you get intentional about showing yourself a little more love each day and I believe a custom affirmation is a very small but very impactful way to do just that.

You know what's bothering you and you know that you want to refocus your mind on positive aspects so that you can have hope and dream big.

The type of life I want to live is one that is filled with no regrets, and this is what I want for you too. So, let me use my gift of writing impactful affirmations to help you speak to yourself lovingly about whatever it is that's weighing on your heart and holding you back.

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